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Do you know Rapunzel is a Sagittarius? Click Here if you ever wonder what zodiac signs your favorite Disney characters fall under?


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"And as she walked down the aisle, you could see them fall in love all over again."

Dylan O’Brien attends The Maze Runner panel at SDCC 2014*

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T h e   f i r s t   o f   h e r   n a m e   


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Castiel 9.21

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What’s even more awesome that swimming with sharks? Swimming with a shark who gives you a high-five!

"Eli Martinez was interacting with the lemon shark in the balmy waters off the coast of The Bahamas. Eli, who works as the editor of Shark Diving magazine, said: "This particular shark I had encountered before. She is very laid-back so I knew if I held my hand out she would come over. At first she was swimming straight towards me, but I didn’t expect her to turn at the last moment. She tapped my palm with her fin like we were high-five-ing."

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please enjoy this video of an action packed, high speed fight between two cats.

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Images of a Dream, 2014 | by Jojo





awww the start of captain cobra

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#it’s half-endearing half-heartbreaking that Emma and Hook - in a long run - are the only ones who place Henry first#without feeling entitled to him or perceiving him as a possession but treating him as a human being with needs and emotions#this does apply to David and Mary Margaret to a degree#however they - understandably - invest more energy into rebuilding their relationship with Emma and forming emotional connection with her#due to being previously deprived of the opportunity to raise her and assist her through every step of physical and mental evolution#Henry is a part of Emma for them and they consider him a kid who needs guidance and protection#Emma and Hook on the other hand treat him like an equal with interests and longings and traumas and experience#they relate to him rather than patronize him and they listen to what he has to say and they have stories to tell in return#ouat


a thrilling saga

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