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Title: UnknownCrush
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With me, food is a joy


world’s cutest hat boy 


Btw I met David Archuleta yesterday

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David Archuleta in Bahrain

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Jason Hewlett blog post: US Troops Tour Leg 1 – Bahrain

I wasn’t sure exactly where we were going first, we’ve just been told: It’s a trip to perform for the US Troops, we’ll hit a bunch of cool places, but mostly Afghanistan.   So instead, we first arrived last night in Bahrain, after 40 hours of travel.  It went awesome and here are a few photos to see the fun we had on 4 flights to make it here… Read more


Patience: You can’t practice patience unless you have time, you know? It’s not something that can be instant. It’s something that takes time. You find out overtime and you practice it overtime just like anything else.

-David Archuleta

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David Archuleta Soundtrack

inspired by x


Sisters’ Cave

Idk why I couldn’t get the video up, but my little sister helped me. I know it’s not the most convenient place to do a video, but oh well.

Thanks to all of those who tuned into the Face2Face Chat last week! 

Going to Costa Rica this weekend for a project that you’ll hear more about later, and then off to the Middle East and Africa to go see the Airforce Troops and do some singing for them. :)

Pardon the razor burns if you notice them. I had a bad shave this morning and wasn’t able to get the job done properly.

David Archuleta during the LDS Face2Face live chat on June 24th.

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something screaming down inside
makes me want to close my eyes
and hear the echo

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